Passage to Outland Game

Passage to Outland Passage to Outland. Have you ever heard of the Kingdom of Thamor? Well they haven’t heard of you, that’s for sure. This Kingdom is completely isolated and that’s some politics that the king of Thamor spreads around his citizens. This king is that selfish that he believes that if he convinces the citizens of his Kingdom that Thamor is the only place in the world, that all around is the end of the world, he will manage to rule them forever! This is a place with incredible dictatorship. The knowledge is not for anyone, except those books that allowed by the king, nothing more. And if someone finds out something more, the king makes sure that this person is punished adequately.

Many of the people that live in Thamor believe in those stories, believe that Thamor is the only place on earth, and believe that their king is the best king in the world or at least he is the only king in the world which means that he is best for sure. He keeps them ‘blind’ and doesn’t everything in order to keep things like that. However, this utopian way of looking at things is not normal, it is not possible. There is one brave girl in the Kingdom. Always thirsty for knowledge and discovering new things, that simply doesn’t believe in her king’s stories.

She believes that the world doesn’t end behind those forts and she is willing to check that out. Dawn walks out from the Kingdom secretly and finds out that her suspicions were true. Amazed by her discovery, Dawn is impatient to tell her friends about it. But also she has to find a suitable way to do that – those people have been raised and live by wrong believes. So that’s why she want to collect as many as possible objects from the world outside and show them to the rest.

Passage to Outland is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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