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Park Memories Park Memories. When we fall in love with somebody it is inevitable to create common memories on different places. For some, that is the home they create together, for others it is the favorite environment, park or some lake they often visit, and for others, it might be a music or some taste that returns them again and again on that place. And even after decade or two and a whole life spent together, we never forget those places or moments, if they were nice, off course. If we had bad time, we wouldn’t want to remember, but still, that is not possible. How many times have you been into a situation when you sit in a restaurant and the piano player guesses your song. It doesn’t have to be a luxury place, but it has to be your place, your special place.

Pamela is a middle aged woman, a wife and mother of two children. She met her husband in the City park and there they she spent the best days of their lives. The both of them have wonderful memories spent exactly there, in their favorite park. Pamela uses every occasion to visit the City park and to remind herself of the nice days spent there. For each situation they had the habit to go on their favorite place in the park. And, when they had bad times, some quarrels or conflicts, they knew that their favorite bench would heal the problems.

That magical place they used to solve all of their situations and to stay together for twenty two years. Who can say that it has no problem in marriage, in relationship or in friendship? We all have moments that create nervous, but if we find the common language, the problems are going to go away. Today we are giving you the chance to participate in something nice and don’ bother with mysteries.

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