Park Maintenance Game

Park Maintenance Park Maintenance. Loyalty is very important when one does something. When you are dealing with some business and customers, than there come times when you should do something for them, not only be happy for the money that you gain. Customers want to feel that they have gained something as a reward for being good friends with a company or institutions. And jubilees and birthdays are the best ways to gather people around, throw a party, organize some concert with people’s favorite stars, get some drinks and everybody will be happy! And everyone who has been there will talk about the event and praise the company many years after.

In today’s game we have a similar situation. People’s favorite location for walk and amusement, the City Park has a big event coming soon. Tomorrow is very important day for the park employees. The twentieth jubilee of the existence of the park is a sort of birthday of the City Park. It is their job to put everything in order, so the party would begin. The management of the Park decided to throw big party for their dedicated customers who come to the Park in years.

Melissa and Timothy are employees in the City Park. Their obligations are maintenance of the hygiene and of the greenery in the park. A whole team of dedicated workers help them in the mission. They are part of it all. Melissa and Timothy should lead the team who will think of the best way to attract people on the party. There will be gift counters along the whole park, balloons and sweets for the youngest visitors of the park. So the fiesta could begin and you would want to be part of it, wouldn’t you?

Park Maintenance is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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