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Painting ServicePainting Service. Painting paintings and painting houses – some may say that there is nothing in common in those two things since paintings are artistic thing while the house walls requite just mechanical painting, but we can’t see so black and white. It’s like that with the art, a lot of creativity and talent for aesthetics but we can’t say that there is nothing of this in house painting. The first this is choosing the right color.

Some person or a family will live in that object so the painter should suggest them a little, to choose a color that would be right for them, because they will spend perhaps few years in that color and in that environment and the experience of the painters gives them sense about those things. Other thing that house painters do is restoring the damaged walls. With time the walls become older so there is a need to fill the gaps, fix some uneven surfaces, and then do the painting job…

The house painter Jack is a real hard worker. He has been working for a certain period of time and owns, but also develops, skills for making his job perfectly. He works in a local house painting company and he has been called by the inhabitants of one small village to restore all the houses. The owners of the houses believe him they are leaving all in his hands. The game is divided into levels and each level is a different house that needs to be restored, but before that begins, there are some objects that need to be found and collected.

Painting Service is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.