Our Neighborhood Game

Our Neighborhood Our Neighborhood. Susan lives in a really nice neighborhood. The location is great, the buildings as well, but something that she appreciates most are her neighbors. Since Susan lives there all her life, she had numerous chances to get to know almost all people that live in the houses around her, and she has realized that there are many of them who are really great people. That’s why Susan’s best friends are actually her neighbors, not friends from high school or so. With years her relation with the neighbors has become much more than regular ‘good morning,’ like most of us have with our neighbors, but they have lot to tell to each other, visit each other very often, share problems and good things…

However, something that so nice has happen in this region. It’s about a hurricane that came really unexpected and made quite damage to some of the houses. Perhaps it wasn’t a cause for a great catastrophe but it was big enough to damage the house of Susan’s friend and neighbor Lisa. There is so much work to do in the house, to bring it back in order and that’s why Susan is here to help.

She is willing to stay in her friend’s house as long as it’s needed and do whatever it needs, just to help her friend spend the next night in clear and organized home, just like it was before the hurricane. Well that’s what friends are for, so let’s all be friends and help Susan in her noble mission.

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