Oriental Fairy Tale Game

Oriental Fairy Tale Oriental Fairy Tale. When it comes about love, you could never know when it will happen and you can’t predict the person you will fall in love with. But that’s OK, that’s some aspect of love – to feel excited and enjoy the uncertainty.

Haifa is the girl that is main character in our game today. Her love story seems very interesting and unusual because it could be considered as secret love since it is not about a conventional relationship. Young Jalal is the love of her life but they can’t communicate so free and that’s why Jalal leaves her love letters. And things to be even more complicated, Jalal doesn’t live at the same place as Haifa, he lives in a small suburb in the northern part of the city. Haifa’s aunt was living there before, the house is still there but the aunt has moved in the center of the city. Haifa used to go there a lot, and that’s how actually met Jalal. Now Jalal leaves those letters in the yard of Haifa’s aunt house, waiting for Haifa to come and read them.

Haifa arrives at suburb in the northern part of the city. First she needs to find the aunt’s house and then look for those letters. We have to admit that love is beautiful but little bit complicated in this case. Only time will tell how will this oriental fairy tale develop. We wish them all the luck in the world!

Oriental Fairy Tale is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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