Orchestra of Shadows Game

Orchestra of Shadows Orchestra of Shadows. And now, it’s time for a little bit of spooky story. Little chilly game that will bring you back to the best thrillers ever, when doors of devastated hotels, houses open, and no one is inside, or you hear voices of people that used to lived there? For those who love horror movies, Hitchcock is a lecture! We introduce you to this place from which you can hear music and there is no performer.

Joshua arrives in the hotel of his father, who has been renown hotelier in years. But, his hotel doesn’t work five years already and the building is left to simply fall apart. The reason for this is the music that each evening echoes from this hotel, although there is no one inside. The sounds that come are from the band that used to play in this hotel. And what is the issue?

All the members of the band one evening had terrible car crash and died. Joshua remembers that one of the members has made a tune and now he hopes that if he finds the score from the spirit, they will be gone and the hotel could open up again.

Orchestra of Shadows is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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