Oracle of Shadows Game

Oracle of Shadows Oracle of Shadows. Anita and Chris believe in the prophecy of the prophet Pythia. This prophet is not a good person but someone who is rather egoistic. All the time he reminds and warns about the rule of evil, in case that he remains forgotten. He likes to be honored and have all attention because otherwise something terrible will happen. Something that will affect every field of our existence.

Looking for a way how to deal with the whole situation, Anita and Chris find the home that belonged to Pythia and that is an old temple located deep in the woods. They choose that they should go and explore the place together with their friends and honor the prophet in order to stop the evil that will start ruling the earth. This is a serious threat so they have to act very fast so they could keep everything right.

Let’s help those people save the planet by completing the tasks that should be completed in order to keep the normal situation. It might be hard but that is something that has to be done in order to keep the peace. Enjoy and have fun in playing Oracle of Shadows Game.

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