Ocean of Fear Game

Ocean of Fear Ocean of Fear. Maybe we don’t know much about the witches, or to be more precise, there are not many people that could say that they have met a witch but now meet Evanora. This girl is one of the three ocean witches that have incredible powers. Even though the witches are very smart, somehow Evanora felt trapped in a deceit that cost her much and now she is seeking for revenge.

Few years ago, she has made an agreement with the famous pirate Blackbeard. According to that agreement, she has given him a huge power in order to become invincible and steal the royal ships full of gold. As said by this agreement, Evanora was supposed to get half of the gold, but Blackbeard has secretly made another agreement with other witch, the witch Glinda and deceived Evanora.

Once Evanora find out about the deceit, she became really angry. She came to the place that serves are Blackbeard’s hiding place with intention to destroy his powers. She likes to find the magical objects that are owned by the pirate, to take them from him and destroy his power. Let’s take a look together with Evanora and help her in her revenge because everyone deserves the justice!

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