Night Shift Game

Night Shift Night Shift. Working as a chambermaid is very responsible work, especially when you are in charge for the whole shift and the whole objects is your responsibility. Our character in this game is working as chambermaid so she is taking care each room in the hotel where she is working to become a perfect place to stay. Late in the night starts her shift and she must make the beds, replace the towels and leave extra towels in the bathroom.

That goes for every room and she has to leave everything in perfect order since her job depends on that and the while reputation of the hotel depends on that. There are four floors in this hotel and many rooms on each floor which means a lot of work to do. OK, it might be little bit hard since there is not night sleeping for her, but however, a job is a job and it has to be done plus is not like she is doing this for free Lets hive our chambermaid little help and help her finish her job faster.

Now its time to check out the instructions for playing the game and you may start. In each level your task is the same and the instructions for playing are same as well. You need to explore the whole scene and once you spot some of the wanted items, you point with the mouse at it and you click with the left mouse button on it, in order to select it. If you have a laptop, and you like to play by using your fingers, you may also play the game on the touchpad, just as long as you act fast and precise.

Night Shift is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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