Night Shadow Game

Night Shadow Night Shadow. At the end of the village Gerwil there is an abandoned house where no one lives there for many years. The house is dark and quite ruined and that’s why it fills people with fear when they pass near to it, wondering whose house is this and does anyone ever come there. Another thing that makes this house scary for the inhabitants of Gerwil is the information that some of them have seen shadows on the walls of the house. Actually that is something that many of them have seen so the mystery becomes even bigger because no one has an explanation about it except certain rumors that seem useless because they don’t explain anything at all.

Maybe it is about ghosts or vampires, the inhabitants of Gerwil think, or maybe someone lives in that house and he or she is hiding from everyone and that’s why you can only see shadows… there isn’t an explanation about nothing that happens there.

And as some people are quite scared from the house, Gordon is one of those are not. He is a young man that doesn’t believe in stories about ghosts and he is quite sure that there is some logical explanation about the whole thing, as there is an explanation for everything in the world. Gordon has decided to put an end of the whole mystery and find out what is happening there so he will visit the house at night and see who is hiding in the dark. He has strongly decided that, so there is not a place for fear or anything like that.

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