Night Romance Game

Night Romance Night Romance. Rita feels really alone this night. It’s because her husband is out of town, actually out of the state, for one week so she misses him a lot! OK, it is quite usual to separate when some of the partners has certain responsibilities related to its work but it could become hard for the other partner, that’s for sure, no matter how pragmatic he thinks at the moment. So after a week without her husband, Rita is at home and she simply doesn’t know what to do at this moment alone.

Her apartment seems so big and empty when she is alone that she starts to feel little bit scared. Not that something could happen, just that she doesn’t like being alone. Two years ago, she and her husband lived in a smaller apartment in the periphery of the city. Actually they spent their best moments there and Rita feels nostalgic about this place too.

Since she doesn’t have anything to do at home this evening, she decides to go and see their old apartment. She hasn’t been there for two years, since they moved in the new apartment, so she likes to see the old apartment again and remind herself how it was before. She likes to recall her memories and think about those wonderful moments spent in this place, together with her husband.

Night Romance is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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