Night at the Farm Game

Night at the Farm Night at the Farm. When you grow something with love and dedication, the last thing you want to happen to you is to someone to destroy what you have built, or even worse, to steal what you have been working on. There are people who don’t care about others feelings and want to make a benefit out of other people’s efforts and work. One would understand the motive to rob a bank, we are talking about a lot of money there, but to decide to steal from some farmers’ garden, that is, to say, you need to have a pretty little left of your soul and mind. But, motives are very important. What if someone does that because he or she is simply hungry and barefooted? Maybe someone’s miserable life provoked him to do this.

Megan and Erick’s farm is the place where very unordinary things have happened lately. In the last few days they noticed that someone steals their vegetables and fruits, but their personal stuff, as well. Together with their friends, they organize a mission to find the thief. Everybody is concerned, because since last night the thief or thieves have started to steal from other people’s homes. That makes the villagers concerned and they had to take measures before the problem grows bigger.

They decided that in the evening, they would visit other farms secretly. Those farms are close to their farm, and that way they want to find part of their personal things there and to find the thief in their village. The village is small, people know each other very well, and that’s why Megan and Erick believe that it won’t be difficult for them to find the bad person. If they find out that it is some very poor person, then, they decided to help the poor men by giving him or her some food and old clothes they don’t need.

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