Next Door Neighbors Game

Next Door Neighbors Next Door Neighbors. Looking for a new home may sometimes be exhausting. Because it demands much effort related to finding an affordable home with a certain size in a suitable location. When a family finds the dream house which is expected to give the perfect conditions for a home. All of its members are excited and impatient about settling in. The Millers consider themselves lucky because in a very short time since they had begun their search for a new home. They found a very nice one in a calm, safe and modern neighborhood. The spacious lawns, the abundance of playgrounds, the neighboring kindergarten and primary schools, the clean narrow streets typical for familial suburbs had a very big influence on the decision to buy the house.

Apart from the characteristics of the surroundings, they found it wonderful that the first day they came to their new home they were welcomed by the Parkers, their next door neighbors. Both of the families were astonished by the fact that from then on they would live a life much more fulfilled with the warmth of a shared neighboring life.In order to enable the Millers to settle in more quickly, the Parkers put all their efforts in helping them with the moving. That is why they eagerly grasp the request of the Millers to help them with cleaning the house and immediately put themselves in action.

Our player, represented by one of them, needs to develop a plan for cleaning the house and to separate what should be left at the house from what needs to be removed. While cleaning the house, there is much joy for the player as the process involves common real life actions put in the context of a relaxing, yet a provocative and exciting game.

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