New Year Surprise Game

New Year Surprise New Year Surprise. Time around New Year is definitely the most festive time of the year. Christmas is here but also the beginning of the New Year that brings lots of hopes in us, a lot of expecting and believes in better tomorrow. Perhaps one day could not change the things that significantly but the feeling that something new is starting makes us believe that everything is possible, even miracles are possible.

A night before the New Year’s Eve, young Virginia falls asleep I dreams a quite strange dream. She dreamed that she was walking around the city where she lives when she realized that the streets are full with precious gems and they hide great surprises. In her dream Virginia has to get to her grandmother’s house but on her way there, she has to collect a certain number of diamonds. The dream is strange but Virginia follows it, walking surprised on the streets, wondering what is going on.

The next day Virginia woke up still being confused by the dream when she saw that there was a wonderful diamond necklace besides her bed. That was actually a gift that her grandmother has bought her for New Year. Virginia is very happy and excited about this gift and she is really thankful for her grandmother’s gift.

Perhaps you are accustomed to the games of this site but this time there is again something different, a new game play that includes playing with different ways of looking for the hidden objects. Sometimes you’ll have to memorize the items, sometimes to spot differences, to unlock new match three games or play times based hidden game. With this game play we can guarantee you a great time of playing.

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