New World Game

New World New World. There is some strange thing all along the human history. In every stage people think that they know everything and they have discovered everything. Or that the truth they believe in is the only truth in the world. However, one of the greatest surprises of this kind was done by Marco Polo, an Italian merchant and explorer that introduced Europeans to China and Central Asia, in time when people didn’t have internet and satellite view of the world.

He also inspired future travelers, including Christopher Columbus. A famous explorer who is a lot by mistake credited for discovering America. But even if he wasn’t the first, his voyages to America did prove to be a major part in history. Where he showed to have incredible navigational skills, as he found the best routes across the oceans to America. From thinking that they know everything, people in the Middle Ages actually learned that the world is still unexplored and they obsessed themselves with that thought. The results of this were numerous explorers willing to discover new places.

One young explorer, together with his equipage, also started a journey to discover brand new world. After a longer time of sailing, they get to a mysterious island that hasn’t been discovered before. The most interesting thing about this island was that actually there was a whole developed civilization that lived there for ages. It is time to search the island and learn something more about it.

New World is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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