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New Home New Home. Tammy has built a very successful career as a marketing agent in the last ten years. Her working dedication and love spent for the profession, has made her be one of the best marketing managers in the town. She grew up very quickly in her curriculum vitae and a lot of companies have been looking for her in the last five years. But, she stayed faithful to her first love and became leading manger of the company. Company’s owners has decided that it is the best time for Tammy to move into another town for a while. So she could do marketing training of her colleagues, to those who work in that town. Tammy accepted the new challenge and already left her birth town. She is managed to find a new flat very fast and now she needs to make a new friends.

Knowing how friendly she is and how much she enjoys having fun and discovering new people and new places. It certainly won’t be a difficult task for Tammy to fit into the new environment. Her managers know her very well and they knew that she would be the perfect person for the new task. Tammy has few days to discover the new town, to ‘see’ where she is standing. Before she puts herself into the mission of giving her knowledge to the colleagues hungry for new experiences.

Tammy will need your help in the mission of discovering the new place. She wants to learn what are the best places to hang around, where to go for a lunch, to do the shopping, find a gym. Because exercising is very important for her health and fit. If a person is dealing with marketing as a vocation, than she would want dynamical things and locations, places where there are interesting people. Tammy will surely find them in the new home.

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