Neighbors Broken Lawn mower

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Neighbors - Broken Lawn mowerNeighbors Broken Lawn mower. It is almost impossible to avoid having neighbors, since it is impossible to live completely alone, except in some cases. However, in most cases we live in bigger buildings where there are few floors and few apartments on each floor, or we live in a suburb with many houses… which means that you share the flats, the stairs, the elevator, or just the local streets, with other persons – on a regular base with the neighbors.

Sometimes the neighbors could be very unpleasant, making a lot of noise or even arguing all the time about something while being very laud again, or making some smaller troubles to the other neighbors but on other hand neighbors could be very nice and polite. For some people the neighbors are even their best friends. Since they live so near, they are always able to come for a cup of coffee and a nice chat, or to borrow something to each other in any time, so with time those relationships become quite strong.

Well that is actually the background of the following game-series. It is called Neighbors and Broken Lawn mower I just the first part of it. The action happens in one American suborn where many families live happily together. The lawn mower of one of the neighbors breaks down but he doesn’t have the right tools to fix it so he addresses to his first neighbors looking for some help.

It is about a new and very interesting hidden object game that will entertain you for a while.

Neighbors Broken Lawn mower is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.