National Treasures

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National TreasuresNational Treasures. Learning history usually isn’t amusing thing. A lot’s of facts, numbers, stories, and who is to remember all? But, whenever a funny way is offered for going this old science, like game, alternative close-ups and non-classical teaching, than for children and for grownups that is the right thing. Today we are offering you a visit through the most significant places and monuments of the United States of America. Knowing how important and influential this country is for the world, and that that is the land of the dreams that come true, than we believe you won’t be having a trouble time to play the game. U.S movies are very often shot in New York, Washington, California, places which are the richest with popular sights. That’s why for today’s episode we offer you the quiz kind of games that we create for you on hidden4fun.

It’s been awhile since we haven’t offered you quiz game. For the ones of you that are fans of exploring knowledge, we are sure that you missed this. We have chosen the national treasures of United States of America. In five levels you can see five sights of America. After each level you will get a question connected to that certain important thing.

The offered answers will be 1. fact or 2. fake. We stick to our already known rules in these kinds of games, so if your answer is correct, you are going to continue further. If not, you should replay the level once again. This is a funny way to learn America’s most significant monuments that make her the one she is. So, use your imagination think of the most popular Hollywood movies and that might help your playing. If not, think of the game as a provocation of learning something new, why not?