Nancy’s Part-time Job Game

Nancys-Part-time-Job Nancy’s Part-time Job. Many students choose to study abroad. The reasons for that are numerous. Some of them decide to move in a place where they could find the studies they love or some professor that is their idol, some of them simply like to move into another place and see something new in life while others have wishes to move into a bigger city and see the life there.

Christina is a student and she came to study in the big city. That was her biggest dream since she comes from a smaller place and she thinks that the big city will be a dream come true. On the other hand, Christina comes from a quite poor family. Her parents don’t have a lot so all her life she has been finding ways on her own, how to earn money for living and studying. It was like that this time as well.

She was received at the wanted university in the big city but she doesn’t have so much money so she has to work a lot in order to earn them. She has tried many jobs but at the moment she is working all through the weekends as a professional cleaning lady of apartments. She likes to work and she is doing her job quite well so she believes that this would be a stepping stone for her better life in future.

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