Mystery of the Red Train Game

Mystery-of-the-Red-Train Mystery of the Red Train Game: Everyone knows that red train. It is the only train with that color that operates on this line. And people that live on the places where it passes, recognize it and it brings smile on their faces. Because it is an unusual sight, that is for sure. However, one day something strange has happen with that train.

It was going on the same line as before and after a long journey, it got to its last station. The thing that was really strange was that no one came out of the train. This happening is not something that could be explained. So the conductor from the train station was wondering if there was even one single passenger that should come out. When he realized that no one was coming out, he decided to enter there and check out what is going on. The thing that he saw inside the red train did not explain the things at all.

The conductor stayed astonished and confused by the sight that he saw. There was no one in the cabin of the engine operator! Not just the cabin, the red train was completely empty and there wasn’t any single passenger in it! Actually the red train has arrived at the train station without a crew or someone that could command the vehicle. It would be quite a challenge to find out what is the reason that stands behind this mystery about the red train and figure out who was conducting the train first place.

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