Mystery of the Old House 2 Game

Mystery of the Old House 2 Mystery of the Old House 2. Have you ever seen the show on TV called Unsolved Mysteries? It is quite an old one, so if you are from the very younger generation, you probably haven’t. Anyway, the thing about the show was that there were a lot of stuff which people have tried to solve for many years, but there simply just weren’t enough clues. Some of those things were even murders and abductions. And even though the show was called unsolved mysteries, there were some episodes where some things were actually solved. So, today it is your turn to try and solve the mystery of the old house!

Again it has come the time when your friend is in trouble and he desperately needs your help. Isn’t great to have a friend that is always there for you and does not leave you when you need him the most? Well, lets just hope that you are that kind of a friend. Right next to your friends house there is a mill where he found an old plate with lots of letters on it. However, as soon as he took the plate, the walls of the mill collapsed and now the plate is scattered all over the place. What you need to do is collect all the pieces, and all the stuff shown in the list, in order to solve the mystery of the old house 2!

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