Mystery of the Bayou Game

Mystery of the Bayou Mystery of the Bayou. We have all probably heard about the monster from Loch Ness but we are not sure if you have heard about Letiche. It is about a wetland area located in Louisiana, a region full of legends and mysteries and one of the legends related to this place is the legend about this monster that lives in the swamp.

The legend says that it is about a large, ape-like creature with gray hair, red eyes, and a tepid disposition that resides more concretely in the Honey Island Swamp. Known as ‘Letiche’ by the Native Americans, and ‘Tainted Keitre’ by the Cajuns, the Honey Island Swamp Monster is believed to date back to the early 1900’s. The legend tells one really strange story that during this time that a traveling circus met with a train crash just down the way, with resulted in a group of escaped chimpanzees. Some of the chimps fell in ‘love’ with the local swamp gators, and that’s how this creature appeared.

A team of explorers is invited in the region to explore the legend more in details because the great mystery is not definitely solved yet. The local residents of the place like to know for sure if the monster really exist and they were the ones that invited the team. You will be in a role of one the members of the team and has to cooperate with the other members if you like the mission to be successful. You get a certain reward for every step that you take so how good you finish your job, more rewards you will get.

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