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Mysterious ExperimentMysterious Experiment. OK, we may think that we understand the world around us but the fact is that there are numerous mysteries around us all the time. Some of them are about certain generally known events for example the death of Princess Diana or certain world conspiracy theories while some of them are related to some more local topics that concern only a smaller group of people related by a different interest. That’s why almost no one knew about the town named Herentown, of course except the people that lived there few years ago. However, when the young adventurist and mystery seeker Anthony has heard about this place, he thought that there is something interesting in that story and it made him very curious about it.

Anthony arrived at the place where before few years the government has started a secret experiment. It wasn’t told nowhere in public what was happening in that town but somehow Anthony detected that after a certain experiment that was declared as unsuccessful, all citizens of Herentown moved out of the place.

There wasn’t any information about what happen anywhere! It seemed like there wasn’t any trouble at all, like all people disappeared just like that, without any explanation. That’s why Anthony likes to stay in this place for a longer time, possibly to find someone to talk to. He is desperate to find out something more about the experiment and what was that powerful to expel a whole town. He is wondering why the government kept in secret something, what could be that wrong?!