Mysteries of Fraxos Game

Mysteries of Fraxos Mysteries of Fraxos. Today we are introducing you to another world, a message that someone send it from elsewhere than the Earth. We are asking you to use your imagination, and find an important document. Secret handwrite has been hidden on the mysterious island of Fraxos a long time ago. No one before has succeeded to decode the secret manuscript and it is believed that it is the most sacred place on earth. It is needed for the manuscript to be found so the secrets of the existence of someone who left it would be determined. It is clear that we are talking about someone who doesn’t live on our planet.

In this game we are giving you a new form of gameplay. You, our player will receive three goals which you would have to accomplish, so you could go on further. Inside the game you will get two bonus games. One of it is in eight directions, and the other is swap letter to complete the sentence. At the end of the game as an award for the well done job, the player will be rewarded with bonus game ‘Bubble Shooter’. Good luck with the new challenge with the rules and the mission.

Mysteries of Fraxos is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.

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