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My Vampire Sweetheart


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My Vampire SweetheartMy Vampire Sweetheart. Well we know Dracula, the most famous vampire ever, and all other stories about vampires are related to this one, usually similar to it – there is an evil vampire that falls in love with a beautiful lady and likes to stay with her forever, so he tries to turn her into a vampire too because that is the only way for her to get immortality. That’s how the stories usually go but that doesn’t mean that those stories are all stories about vampires, there is always something more, some other variation on the theme…

Actually, the situation in our case is completely different. This time we have a girl vampire but she is not the one that is desperately in love with someone… Here is Jacob, a young guy that feels in love with this charming and mysterious girl named Helena.

Once he met her, he realized that there is something special about her and the story about her being a vampire captivated him even more. That’s how he decided to go into Helena’s castle voluntary because he is so in love with her incredible beauty that he doesn’t care at all that his girlfriend is a vampire, as long as he is with her in every moment. We wish those two good luck and who knows, maybe this vampire saga will be even more successful that the love story about Bella and Edward, just wait and see…