My Secret Place Game

My Secret PlaceMy Secret Place. Some people have it but the most of us want it – a place where you could go when you are not feeling so well, when you have those blue days. We may love our life, we may enjoy our everyday but once in a while there are bad days for everyone, days when you feel that you don’t like to go out of the bed because there are some ‘dark clouds’ over your head. And in those cases a secret place would be a great getaway. You just go there and you have all the freedom in the world to do what you want, far away from everyone and everything.

Our character in this game definitely has a place of this kind. It is about and old abandoned house, located far from civilization, where he spends his bad days. The house is not representative all but that doesn’t matter since it is a perfect place to be alone with your thoughts.

Every time he feels frustrated in his life, he comes here in this secret place to relax himself and forget about all of his daily problem and the fact that the place is so quiet and peaceful with lots of fresh air, makes its job, making it a perfect place for filling the batteries. After his stay there in the house, our character comes back home with new fresh energy, prepared to deal with everything in life, prepared for new challenges and new problems. Now let’s visit together this place and see what our friend has been talking about.

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