My New Neighborhood Game

My New Neighborhood My New Neighborhood. Moving to another place could be little bit difficult because of the process of adaptation. You’ve lived in one place and you are accustomed to the neighbors, to the surroundings, maybe your kids go to certain school that is near your place and similar things but something simply is not perfect and you decide to move to another place, a bigger or a better place. And that’s all fine but the process of adaptation could be little bit complicated, just because of those reasons, no matter how good is the new place.

The Lorenson family has lived in one location for a longer period of time. They knew the neighborhood really well and they enjoy it very much but as the time passed by, they’ve decided that they need a new place, choosing to live in a luxury suburb. They’ve seen this neighborhood before and it seemed as a perfect place to continue their living, so they bought a nice house there and today they’ve finally arrived in their new home. After they accommodated in the place, it is time to meet the new neighbors and it seems that it would be a very interesting thing to do because so far those people seem as very nice people.

This will definitely be more of a pleasure and less of a responsibility and routine, so let’s take a walk through the new neighborhood together and see the new neighbors of the Lorensons family. We would be also new in that place so it would be quite interesting to see how people are living there.

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