My Neighbour Vampire

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My Neighbour VampireMy Neighbour Vampire. It was a quiet and nice neighborhood. Everyone knew each other and they lived quite happy, always helping each other and visiting each other regularly, to take a drunk together, or simply to have a nice talk. The children were safe and they were playing on the streets all the time, without thinking that someone could harm them This neighborhood was a place for living that everyone would imagine to have and the ones that lived there were very lucky until one day when a strange family came into the neighborhood.

We know many stories about vampires but they usually come from the past But what if in this completely modern world of living, a vampire family comes to live near you? Well those are the assumptions of the people that live in this place, who say that their neighbors are quite unusual kind of people. Some of them talk about seeing the strange neighbors coming from one place to another in very short time, then their skin so very pale, their lips extremely red..They cant be often seen at day light So many creepy facts! That’s why the neighbors have decided to dig little bit more about this family and find out if there is a vampire treat.

My Neighbour Vampire is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.