My First Boutique Game

My First Boutique Angela was always one of those girls that fascinate us with their sense for fashion. That, together with her managerial skills, made Angela dream about having her own boutique. She was always dreaming about having a place where she could show her visionary related to the newest fashion trends, by selecting and selling high-quality modern clothes. And then the design of the boutique, Angela had in her head a complete visualization of everything, but it appears that the time has come to turn this dream into reality. And yes, Angela has opened her own boutique; the dream came true today. We stand in front of Angela’s first boutique and right away we face her incredible creativity.

This amazing girl has prepared an interesting game for her first customers. As a way to present them her boutique and take them on a walk all around the place. Angela has prepared few riddles for the first clients. And if they answer them correctly, they will receive a certain present from the boutique. This sounds like a perfect way for promotion, so let’s see what else has Angela prepared. You can play this game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun in playing this free online game.

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