My Father’s Hotel Game

My Father's Hotel My Father’s Hotel. Angelina’s father is very famous hotelier that runs a very successful hotel for many years. He is known for his job because he has been doing it very dedicated and managed to take everything to perfection. However, years pass so Angelina’s father felt that he is not in the right shape to continue doing this job. This job was everything to him but when he realized that he doesn’t have the strength and concentration to continue with that, he decided to leave.

The announcement of his news was shocking for Angelina who couldn’t imagine that a day like this would ever come. Running that place was something that was intimately related to the image of her father. So she couldn’t divide those two things at first. She was really shocked that her father leaves the family business. But this shock was soon replaced with another one – her father has decided to prescribe her all the property, including the hotel.

Well this is a huge challenge for the young Angelina but this hotel has been her life all those years, just like for her father. She grew up there; she knows all secrets of the hotel managing so this is actually something that came naturally. Feeling very excited, Angelina can hardly wait to provide her big plans about the hotel and her well-planned strategy how to deal with the competition. Angelina is not at the hotel and she wants to start with renovating right away, so she needs a little help with cleaning the place from the unnecessary things…

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