Music of the Night Game

Music of the Night Music of the Night. The music, the inspiration for making music and the virtuosity on the instrument are rather important for every musician. However, all of that would not sound completely if it’s not supported technically. That means that there is always a need for a good sound, which means good equipment and good sound systems are necessary by any means.

Frank is a very famous musician that has a lot of fans. His concerts are usually sold from the first day because the audience knows about his qualities and they are always waiting for something new from him. These days Frank is preparing the promotion of his newest album named ‘Music of the night’ and exactly today is the big day. Today for the first time, Frank will present his new album live in front of the audience.

Before Frank starts the concert, he will need to check out the scene first. Also he has to take care of the whole concert hall, in order to make sure that everything will be in the best order for the tonight’s concert. Let’s help Frank prepare the place for the concert so he could offer his audience great fun and really quality sound, as they always expect from him.

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