Mountain of Light Game

Mountain of Light Mountain of Light. Ralph has a very interesting passion. He is obsessed by searching for lost civilizations. That is something he enjoys most, something that excites him because he believes that knowing the past well could help us understand our everyday.

Ralph has been exploring one hidden pyramid for a longer period of time. This pyramid is located in one small village in Indonesia. Before few years the people that live there thought that it is simply a mountain. However, the latest explores has confirmed that it is about a real pyramid but during the years lush vegetation has grown over it and covered it completely. While exploring this mountain, Ralph has discovered something opposite to all other claims. He believes that actually the civilization that lived there before didn’t live near the pyramid. They actually lived 30 kilometers east from the pyramid, according to Ralph’s knowledge.

Now Ralph is on a mission to get to the actual truth, not some speculations. Let’s go on this mission together with Ralph and learn something more about the civilization that lived there and about the pyramid. This will be a real revolution in the history, so it would be very interesting to take part in this mission.

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