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Montezuma’s Gold

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Montezuma's GoldMontezuma’s Gold. In 1865 the gold digger named Jim White going with the flow of the river Colorado has found a cave which was filled with riches dating from the Aztecs. He started digging deep inside the cave and found a secret passage which lead him to the lost city of the Aztecs. Exhausted and still in shock Jim White ran back to his town. In a total delirium he started yelling and explaining what he has found and seen and most important where he found the Aztec City.

Many after him started looking for the lost city but never managed to find it. Our game heroes are determined to follow the instructions that Jim White wrote down and to find the lost city of the Aztecs I the gold of Montezuma. Montezuma’s treasure is a legendary buried treasure said to be located in the Casa Grande ruins or elsewhere in the southwest United States and Mexico. Legends say that during the 16th century, 8,000 Aztec warriors carried King Montezuma’s gold from Mexico City to the U.S. to protect it from the Spanish conquistadors. Historians say the richest cache of gold is hidden in southern Utah and that it’s buried deep within its caverns. Hundreds of people have explored land and water to find it but still, to this day, nobody has gotten close to Montezuma’s treasure.