Mixed Flavours

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Mixed FlavoursMixed Flavours. Some parents approve it while some not, but we have to admit that grandparents sometimes know to spoil their grandchildren. It’s not that they want, they are simply too happy about their grandchildren, they love them so much so they are prepared to do everything for them, just to make them happy and satisfied. It is like that with Norma as well. Her children may judge her because she is prepared to do everything in the world for her five grandchildren, even to cook different dish for each one of them…

As we said, Norma is a grandmother of five grandchildren. Her greatest pleasure is to cook different specialties for them, we mean literally different. Every child likes to eat something different from the others but Norma doesn’t have a problem with that. The challenge to answer to their needs and tastes is bigger but same goes for the pleasure.

Today is the day when Norma’s grandchildren come to visit her so she likes to be prepared for cooking before they arrive. She goes to the local market to buy fresh ingredients and start cooking her specialties. And since there are many things waiting to be done, she doesn’t have time for wasting.

We know that Norma likes to cook for her grandchildren so much but we have to admit that she would use a little help for that because preparing 5 different foods is something big, no matter how big the motivation is.You will play in a role of Norma’s friend and help her with her responsibilities.

Mixed Flavours is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.