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Mission AntarcticaMission Antarctica. Everybody knows that the southernmost point and continent on the Planet is Antarctica. All the extreme superlatives go for this continent – it is with no concurrence, the coldest, the driest and the windiest continent. If you thought that Australia is very big continent. Think again that Antarctica actually is twice the size Australia has. Only two percent are not covered with ice. It was actually here in the year 1983, when the coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth was seen here, and it was minus 89.2 degrees Celsius (or 128.56 degrees Fahrenheit). But, Antarctica as well is pretty rich continent. That provokes a lot of expeditions to go and look for their ‘happiness’ and become wealthy forever. That can cost their lives due to the conditions it has, but, humans’ greed is so big that it makes people go further than their own limits.

Mission Antarctica. Such an example is our today game. An expedition comes on Antarctica to do an investigation in a very mysterious case. In year 2012, Mr. Arthur, known for his fortune and crazy ideas that he has, has financed an expedition on the Antarctica. Willing to discover the blue diamond that could be found there and nowhere else. His purpose is to use the diamond for the production of very dangerous laser weapon.

He already has guaranteed market for that, the countries that fight among each other. In 2013, no trace can be found from his expedition. Arthur has been accused for the disappearing of those people and has been put in jail. Today, completely new expedition arrives on the strange place on the Antarctica and their point is to find out what lays behind this mystery and what really has happened to the disappeared people.