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Missing LinkMissing Link. Perhaps you haven’t heard about this part of Africa, but let us introduce it to you. Mozambique is a southern African nation whose long Indian Ocean coastline is dotted with famous beaches like Tofo, including offshore marine parks. In the Quirimbas Archipelago, a 250km stretch of coral islands, mangrove-covered Ibo Island has colonial-era ruins. It’s also a diving and snorkeling destination, as is Bazaruto Archipelago farther south, with reefs guarding rare marine life including dugongs. In Mozambique could be also found the densest forests on the planet earth. Those forests are so dense that there is no expedition that has managed to enter deep into them because this quest asks for a larger group of people, equipped with right equipment for surviving a longer period of time.

This time, for a first time, a team of experts consisted of archaeologists and historians has managed to get to places where no one has reached before. They were really prepared for the task so they managed to enter deeper into the woods. It is interesting that their task is to find the missing link between birds and dinosaurs, something that could complete this part of the history and give many important answers.

in the game you will play as a member of the team and you are responsible of the objects that will be found during the mission. Let’s be as much efficient as we could and complete this mission as soon as possible, finding the missing link that will explain so many things.