Missing Goldy Game

Missing Goldy Missing Goldy. The ones that have pets know how strong the connection between them and their animal is, especially if its about a dog which is considered as mans best friend. And if something unwanted happened, the owners of pets become really sad, just like when there is something wrong with their friends or relatives. One of the worst things that could happen to someone who has a pet is to lose his pet, and that’s what happened with our Goldy, no one knows where this dog is.

And just before you start playing this adorably cute game, see the instructions first.They are quite easy, the only troubling thing in the game is that the objects that are hidden are little bit tiny so you have to open your eyes well and you wont have problems. Once you spot some of the wanted items, you use the mouse to point at it and then just click on it using the left mouse button. It is the same for activating the hints too; you simply click on the footprint of the dog. Know that you could also play the game with the touchpad in case that you have a laptop.

Play Missing Goldy Game