Million Dollar Dream Game

Million Dollar Dream Million Dollar Dream. Meet Martha. She is a real enthusiast when it comes to playing games of chance. Following her inner intuition, Martha plays those games for long time, always hoping that she will get a higher price but also playing to have fun because we all know that adrenaline levels go higher when it comes about playing. She plays many games of chance and likes to change them, always looking for a new thrill but definitely playing LOTO is her biggest passion. This game was the first game she started playing but at the same time it is her biggest passion.

Martha plays according to her intuition and this time she had a strange dream related to her greatest playing passion – LOTO. Actually this dream is something between a dream and reality because the place included in her dream really exists. It is about an old abandoned house that really exists in her town and there are rumors that this house is actually possessed by ghosts so no one has entered there for a long time. Martha was dreaming that she visited the house and she found there a winning combination for a huge price of million dollars.

The dream seemed so real, like some prophecy but there is one little problem about it. Martha saw the combination but she didn’t remember the numbers, so she decided to go into the house for real and see if those numbers really exist. This is a quite brave step but Martha, leaded by her greatest passion, is strongly determinate to take that step and see what is hiding in the house.

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