Midnight Shadow Game

Midnight Shadow Midnight Shadow. Midnight shadows don’t sound like something nice… OK if it’s your own shadow but unknown shadow, deep in the night?! Well that is something that we should be concerned about. Even if we put aside the possibility that the shadow belongs to some lost soul, some ghost that is wondering around, the chances that the shadows belong to some criminal grow! And there are numerous cases that we read about in the magazines when someone was attacked at night by a robber, a rapist or maybe even a killer – such terrible things! And every story about serial killers or criminals happens at night, in late evening hours, so the fear becomes even bigger…

Rosin is a really hard worker and she always wants things to be done, no matter how much time she spends on it. Today she stayed extra hours at work because she had a lot to do. It is few minutes to midnight and Rosin is walking on the streets on her way home. When she gets to her apartment and just enters the place, she notices a shadow on the wall of her living room. Rosin got scared but she still thought soberly and didn’t panic at all because she didn’t want to angry the person whose shadow was walking around her home.

The shadow went into the other room and Rosin however entered into the apartment, wanting to see who is there. Let’s help Rosin figure out who is there in her apartment and help her deal with him/her.

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