Messy Hotel Room

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Game Details

Messy Hotel RoomMessy Hotel Room. Family vacation is something great! The whole family is together, spending some time in an interesting place, far away from home – a perfect way to fill the batteries before you come back to the regular everyday responsibilities. If the kids are not so small, this is also a perfect way for the parents to spend some time alone, going on a drink alone or on a walk on the beach, while the kids are in their room or somewhere, playing their favorite games… And that’s what happened in the following game. The parents went on a short walk and left their children to play in the hotel’s room.

The walk didn’t last very long but in that time the kids managed to play all their favorite games. And each game requires different ‘equipment’, so there was some furniture relocating, changing different clothes, running from one place to another…numerous actions that resulted with incredibly messy hotel room! But however, those kids are quite nice and mannered so they’ve decided to clean up the room as soon as possible, before their parents come back. They are hoping that the parents won’t notice anything so they decide to do the clean up very thoroughly, like it was before they started the games.

They are very diligent kids but a little help won’t be a bad idea, so we hope that you are willing to help them a little. The game includes few pictures taken in the room, and in each picture there are 10 items that need to be found in order to clean the place. A condition for moving on is finding all items, so make sure that you achieve that in each level.

Messy Hotel Room is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.