Majestic Villa Game

Majestic Villa Majestic Villa. Big Things usually happen all of a sudden. It was like that in Kathy’s case as well. Reading some commercials she found out on the internet an ad about sale of a lavish but abandoned villa in one small French village. Since she knows about herself, Kathy was dreaming about having her own small motel and reviving the rural tourism so she decided to buy the house, without having too many second thoughts. It was really easy to make this decision and she has already given a name to her little villa – ‘Majestic Villa’.

Kathy is full of ideas how will she run her small business, many concepts and strategies how she could revive the village and accentuate its positive sides in this time when most of the people are tired from the city rush and the urge for gaining money. She knows that people are willing to spend some time in the nature and that’s why she believes that this is the right step in her life. It’s not about the money, but she has a bigger vision to help the humanity build a better life, a healthier and fuller life.

In the following game you will play as Kathy’s friend and you will have to help her fulfill her dream but before anything hue happens, it is time to start from the beginning and that means adapting the space for the purpose. First of all, all unnecessary things should be taken out of the house and them the interior designer could come and rearrange the place as it should be, to make it cozy and attractive for people to come and spend their time there.

Majestic Villa is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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