Mahayana Temple Game

Mahayana Temple Mahayana Temple. Mahayana Buddhism, additionally recognized as the Great Vehicle, is the type of Buddhism well-known in North Asia, as well as China, Mongolia, Tibet, Korea, and Japan. Actually it is one of two (or three, according to some classifications) major existing branches of Buddhism and a term for classification of Buddhist philosophies and practice. Mahayana Buddhism came out in the first century CE as a more open-minded, more reachable interpretation of Buddhism, a path available to people from all walks of life – not just monks and ascetics, becoming the largest major tradition of Buddhism existing today, with 53.2% of practitioners.

Mahayana Buddhists not hope to become arhats but boddhisatvas, saints who have become enlightened but who unselfishly delay nirvana to help others attain it too, as the Buddha did. They also believe that enlightenment can be reached in a single lifetime, and this could be achieved even by a layperson.

The Buddhist Shinshi is a follower of the Mahayana philosophy. When he was very young, he spent his child years in a Mahayana temple and even if he is quite old now, he simply can’t forget that period of his life and he always remembers it. He remembers his teacher as a man that has shown him the real direction in life so his biggest wish is to collect money and renovate the teacher’s room, making a place the other followers of Mahayana could come and pray the great teacher. Let’s take a tour through this place and feel the spirit of this great philosophy of life, learning something new and useful.

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