Magic Petland Game

Magic Petland Magic Petland. Old MacDonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-o. And on his farm he had And not just old MacDonald, in this game you have your own farm too! Well that’s a great thing to do. First of all, toy spend so much time in natural surroundings and we all know that there is nothing better than the sun and the fresh air. Second, you take care of animals. The animals can be so much better than people in some situation. Yes, that’s true! They are so cute, they are not jealous; they wont lie to you about anything, wont leave you in troubleyes we may say that they are prefect friends. But on other hand, taking care of an animal is such a responsible job. You have to wake up on time to clean their place of stay; to give them enough food and water, or maybe take them for a walk, if that’s necessary. In this game, as you start it, you need to choose for which animal you will take care on the farm a cat, a dog, or a rabbit. Once you have done that, the adventure may begin.

Magic Petland is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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