Love’s Forbidden Flower Game

Loves Forbidden FlowerLove’s Forbidden Flower. Oh, forbidden love! Something so sweet that makes our hearts run like crazy! OK, regular loves wakes up butterflies in our stomach but forbidden love I something even more exciting. And maybe in the most parts of the world a boy and a girl could choose their partner freely. But in the oriental places the relationships are still conducted by the parents, to some extent, so it happens for them to make arrange marriages when the children were very small. So, in the following game it is about that kind of love.

Two young people are in love and they desperately want to spend every second of the day together. But since they cant meet in public, they build their romance on base of secret meetings, usually in the girls garret. And until they meet, they plan every step that needs to be taken to get there so the excitement becomes bigger from minute to minute. And what if someone comes?! Enjoy and have fun in playing Love’s Forbidden Flower Game.

Play Love’s Forbidden Flower Game