Love Letter Game

Love Letter Love Letter. Being in love – what is more beautiful feeling in whole life than being in love with someone. Sooner or later in life we will feel that amazing feeling that makes us feel incredible, that makes us feel as we could possibly fly, as we are the best persons in the world, as everything around is simply perfect, no matter what is actually happening. And this feeling appears only when we find the person that is right for us, our ‘soul mate’, or if you don’t like to use this word, simply when we find our love. And even if this true love is very pure, the surroundings could possibly makes us troubles, making it forbidden, or hard to get.

The feeling is in any case same but sometimes we have to fight for our love, moving obstacles and looking for ways how to get to our love, even hiding from the people around us.

Our character in today’s game is little bit excited, or we may say, very excited because the day that she has been expecting for so long is here – she will finally get the letter from Romeo. She has the address where she should go – it’s the small church outside the town, so she directs there right away, to see what is waiting for her. Since she is totally in love, it seems that everything around her is affected by that amazing feeling. Walking through e narrow streets she notices that they are full of people and flowers, full of freshness in the air, love spreading all around.

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