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Love in DisguiseLove in Disguise. Every place has it’s own secret, something that makes it recognizable for the world. New York is known for the Big Apple, Paris for the Eiffel tour, Rome – for the Colosseum, London – for Big Ben, and off course, the bigger cities don’t have only one monument or something nice to be remembered. Venice, the specific city in Italy is known for its’ old architecture, for the Film festival that is held each September, for its’ Art Biennial and many more. But, if you visit this city in any time of the year, you will certainly be environed with masks, dresses, costumes specific for the Venetian carnival which is old for more than nine hundred years.

The carnival is specific for its’ masks, which can be found only there. They are called bauta, which covers the entire face, colombina, which covers the eyes and it is decorated very richly, with gold, silver, pearls. Than, you have the Plague doctor which is a bit morbid, the Arlechino who is known as a servant, and many more. No one can be recognized under the masks and that is the joy of that. You can be who ever you want. The carnival is usually happening forty days before Easter, each year. Today we take you to this carnival with our game.

Love in Disguise. Marchioness Agnese is ready with her mask and she is out on the streets of Venice, waiting with impatience for the traditional Venice carnival. Marchioness Agnese waited with love this event because the love of her life, the Count Cristiano was suppose to show up there. They made an unusual agreement, that is to say, they told each other to put interesting masks and to find each other and than to unveil their true love in front of the people, because their love has been hidden from the eyes of the public. This masquerade is the only chance for that, and that is why she is eager to meet her beloved Cristiano.