Lost in the Subway

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Game Details

Lost in the SubwayLost in the Subway. Yeah, subways have definitely speed up our way of living and related many spots of our cities, making the transport much easier and cheaper as well. But in that speed we could also easily lost ourselves, especially if we are so tired and scattered as our character in the following game. After work, our charming character needed to take the metro and go home, as every other day but today she was so disoriented, that she couldn’t do something that she does every day. She got to the station, waited for the subway to come but because of the huge crowd there, she didn’t manage to get on the metro.

Well OK, that is something that happens, so she decides to go to another station and wait the metro there, because she felt bored to wait on the same station another half hour. But on her way to the station, she loses herself. Everything seems same, every station is similar as the others… and it seemed that she knows every part of this road, since she is passing it every day… You got to help this lost girl find her way and get to the subway as quick as she can.

Lost in the Subway is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.