Lost in the Forest 2 Game

Lost in the Forest 2 Lost in the Forest 2. David is a real enthusiast when it comes about adventure and discovering new things in life, or let’s say in the world. His last mission was in the Black Forest. Where he wanted to find the unknown civilization that supposedly exist there for many years. This forest is a place that is often visited by numerous people but there were certain parts of it that are possible shelter to those people that manage to live for so long, out of our civilization.

On his trip David has manage to get very far in the forest, following the clues that will lead him to his aim but unfortunately his vehicle broke down and it is for sure that he panicked because he was in the middle of nowhere. After dealing with this problem, David has continued his travel and this time his challenge is the found cave that hides so many proofs about the existence of the new civilization.

This cave was a real revelation for David who has proved to himself so many things about the existence of this mysterious civilization and now it’s time to leave the forest. However, since he has been entering deep into the woods, trying to catch some hidden paths, he is almost lost at the moment. He remembers some of the things he saw when he came here but it’s getting dark so he has to be very efficient and get to the first populated place as soon as he can.

Lost in the Forest 2 is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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