Lost in Shadowland

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Game Details

Lost in ShadowlandLost in Shadowland. If you’re wondering, even if it sounds familiar to you, Shadowland is not a place where you have been before. It is not a touristic attraction, it is not a place that could be found on the map, but yet it is a place that really exists and Gary, Harold and his daughter Hazel accidentally found it…but let’s start from the beginning.

Gary is an archaeologist that loves his job very much. That’s why he has been chosen as a leader of this great expedition financed by Harold and his daughter Hazel. Harold is actually a passionate adventurist and a great collector of historical artifacts. His daughter Hazel shares the same passion. So the two of them started this expedition hoping that they will discover the lost castle of the knights Templars. It is actually a quite big expedition and all members of the crew are really good trained and informed about the circumstances but it is always like that in those cases, always there is a chance something unexpected to come out.

The expedition has lost its way and they found themselves in the Shadowland. Now they are captured in this old house, surrounded by ghosts. It seems like there is no way out from this situation. And even though Gary, Harold and Hazel are real professionals, they are not trained for facing ghosts. The three adventurers are so scared and they are too afraid to leave the room, thinking that perhaps this way they will protect themselves from those strange creatures that invade the house.

Luckily one local villager comes in the house, willing to help them. Actually it is you in the role of this villager and you will have to find their personal belongings that are spread all over the house, but also to help them leave safely this mysterious Shadowland.

Lost in Shadowland is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.